Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monday October 10 2011

Race 1 Grade M 548 Yards

The 5 has won two schooling races by large margins with excellent times looks like a winner!
Trifecta 5/248/248
Perfecta Box -245
10 Cent Superfecta 245/2458/2458/all

Race 2 Grade D 548 Yards

Pretty even race 4,5,7 have the early speed, the 3 will be grading off if he does not finish 4th or better
Don't wager too much on this one

Quinela box 2345

Race 3 Grade C 548 Yards

Invader from Caliente (Dog 2) has schooled well other dogs from the kennel  which have been brought up have run ok.The 1 has not been breaking well. I think the winners will be the 2 or 4.

Trifecta Wheel 24/24/678
Quinela box 246
10 Cent Superfecta 2-4-all-all, 2-all-4-all , 4-2-all-all

Race 4 Grade TC 678 Yards

The 1 looks like the winner second time over the distance in a week field.

Quinela Wheel 1/all

Race 5 Grade M 548 Yards

The 3 and the 5 have had trouble the last two starts but should have clean trips today.

Trifecta Wheel 35/35/all, 3/5/all, 3/all/5

Race 6 Grade B 548 Yards

Invader from Southland #7 has gotten the lead and gone box to wire the last two starts, will not get the
lead today so look to the #1 for an upset victory.

Across the Boards #1

Race 7 Grade AA 548 Yards

#1 is in his favorite box should be the betting favorite.  #7 has the early Speed and the #8 has run into
trouble the past couple of races

Quinela Box 1784

Race 8 Grade C 548 Yards

#7 has the early speed and should be on the lead #2,#6,#8 will be chasing no clear cut winner.

10 Cent Superfecta 12456/7/12456/12456 , 12456/12456/7/12456, 12456/12456/12456/7

Race 9 Grade B 678 Yards

Invader from Daytona Beach has drawn the 1 whole - looks like the winner today

Trifecta 1/2/all 1/all/2

Race 10 Grade C 548 Yards

Even race #4 has the early speed, #5,#6,#3 all run middle of the track look for the #2 for the upset

quinela box 2563

Race 11 Grade AA 548 Yards

#2 has won 4 of his last 6 starts and finished 3rd in another - He is the winner today

Trifecta 2/7/all 2/all/7

Race 12 Grade C 548 Yards

Another even race going with the best early speed and that would be the #6

Perfecta Wheel 6/all

Race 13 Grade B 548 Yards

#2 is boxed well should be in the Quinela Pick

Quinela Wheel 2/1578

Race 14 Grade A 548 Yards

# 3 is moving up in Grade ran a strong race last time out.  # 4,#7 are dropping down I think that the 7 will be the winner.

Trifecta 7/3456/all

Race 15 Grade C 548 Yards

#6 has been performing poorly should wake up today and go box to wire.

Trifecta 6/3/all , 6/all/3

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